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5 Stars "Probably my album of the year already." Dai Jeffries, RnR Magazine

“Sometimes something crosses your desk which is just classy. The Ledger is one of those things... In essence, this traditional folk music at its finest played and recorded beautifully for the modern age.” Mike Wistow,


“The Ledger comes as a very welcome collection of brilliant rays of musical sunshine, guaranteed to brighten up your day and bring both smiles to faces and warmth to hearts... The Ledger is a traditional folk song album par-excellence and a work of great distinction, demonstrating the vital and healthy state of music today. It can be highly recommended, not only to those who are lovers of this genre, but to anyone who appreciates top-quality music delivered by very fine musicians.” David Pratt, Folk Radio UK


“Combining the deep-rooted respect all three bring to the music with bewitching musicianship makes The Ledger a quietly mesmeric pleasure - as stated on the cover, best enjoyed beside a roaring fire with a dram - when it can flick a switch on the outside world and restore a sense of wonder.” From The Margins


4 Star review in The Scotsman by Fiona Shepherd and an magazine article by Jim Gilchrist

“A fine collection and addition to the catalogue of Scottish folk song recordings”

Mike Davies, Fatea

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